About Us
Essig and Associates At-A-Glance:

  • Responsible for Iowa territory, along with selected
    areas in Illinois (Quad Cities Area)
Essig and Associates Company Structure:

  • Bob Essig
  • President/Owner

  • Sarah Essig
  • Office Manager, responsible for order entry,
    logistics, and management of customer and
    supplier portals
Why Essig and Associates?

  • We are dedicated to the Iowa territory.  In order to
    be successful in Iowa, you need to live it and
    breath it.  We do.
  • We provide a wider view of our customers than
    other Sales and Marketing firms.
  • Essig and Associates Value Selling approach
    allows us access to all aspects of our customer’s
    business, not just a narrow view.
  • We provide superior customer service.  No other
    Rep Firm can provide what we do in terms of
    service both to the customer and the supplier.